How to find Discord Backup Codes?

Save Discord Backup Codes
Save Discord Backup Codes

When you enable two-factor authentication on your discord account, you need to add a key to your authenticator. It offers you a 6-digit security key which you will need on every login.

But sometimes we may not have the specific mobile device on our hand that has the authenticator app. That’s why Discord offers backup codes as well as SMS authentication.

Backup codes are 8-digit codes that are substitutes for the authenticator key. There are 10 backup codes and each of them can be used only once. You can also generate new backup codes. Once new codes are generated, old backup codes will no longer work.

How to download Discord backup codes?

  1. Open the Discord app on your computer and log in to your discord account.
  2. Go to User Settings.
  3. Scroll down and click on Enable two-factor auth.
    Enable 2FA Discord
  4. Enter your Discord account password.
    Enter account password
  5. Copy the secret key from Discord. Open Google Authenticator and add the key.
  6. Copy the 6-digit key from the authenticator and paste the code on the Discord app.
    Use Authenticator
  7. Click Activate to enable two-factor authentication.
  8. A pop-up will appear on your screen. Click on Enable SMS authentication for safety.
  9. Click Download Backup Codes.
    Download Discord Backup Codes
  10. Select the Download location on your computer and save the file as discord_backup_codes.txt
    Save Discord Backup Codes

How to find discord backup codes?

  1. Open the Discord app on your computer where it’s already logged in.
  2. Go to User Settings.
  3. Click on View Backup Codes.
    View Backup Codes
  4. Discord will send a verification key to your email. Enter the key from the email & tap Submit.
    Enter Email Verification Key
  5. To generate a new set of backup codes, click Generate New Backup Codes.
    Generate Backup Codes

No Access To The Authenticator App

This is a serious issue if you are logged out of Discord on every device. Because without a 2FA code, you can’t log in. Without logging in, you can’t download the pre-generated backup code.

In that case, you have to check the Downloads history of your computer. Click the Search icon from the toolbar.

Search for discord_backup_codes.txt and see if the file exists or not.

If you turned on SMS authentication, you can still log in to your account using the SMS authentication code. 

Lost Discord Backup Codes

If you lost the device that has the authenticator as well as lost the backup codes, then there’s no way you can access your account ever again. Even Discord support can’t revoke two-factor authentication from your account

So, always keep your backup codes in a safe place. Also, turn on SMS authentication. Because it can save your day when you don’t have the authenticator app or backup codes.

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