How to enable ProctorU in Chrome?

Enable ProctorU in Chrome 1
Enable ProctorU in Chrome 1

ProctorU is a platform used by institutions to take exams virtually. ProctorU makes sure you can’t switch or close your window while the exam is going on. It activates your webcam to monitor your face.

It’s very easy to enable proctoru in Chrome. All you have to do is install the extension from the Chrome web store and add it to your Google Chrome browser.

In this guideline, you will learn how to add proctorU in Chrome and how to disable the extension when you don’t need it. Let’s get started.

How to enable proctoru in Chrome?

  • Open Google Chrome on your computer.
  • Visit the ProctorU extension page on Chrome Web Store.
  • Click on Add to Chrome.
  • A pop-up will appear on your screen. Click on Add extension.
  • After installing the extension, click on the Extensions icon from the toolbar and pin the ProctorU extension.
  • Click on the ProctorU extension from the Extensions bar.
  • Click on Login.
  • Login to your ProctorU account to take the exam.

How to disable ProctorU in Chrome?

You may not need ProctorU all the time. It’s also better to disable the extension when you need it. As it monitors your browsing. 

  • Open Google Chrome on your computer.
  • Right-click on the ProctorU icon from the Extension bar.
  • Click on Manage extension.
  • Toggle the button to disable proctorU for a while.
Disable ProctorU

How to remove ProctorU in Chrome?

If you have taken part in your exams via ProctorU and no longer need ProctorU, you may want to remove ProctorU from Chrome. Here’s how:

  • Open Google Chrome.
  • Right-click on the ProctorU extension icon.
  • Click on Remove from Chrome.
  • Click on Remove.
Remove ProctorU

Should you add ProctorU in the first place?

Not exactly. If you are careful about your privacy, you may not want to install the ProctorU extension in the first place. Because it can read and modify the data on all websites you visit.

It can also capture your screen and change all privacy-related settings. So, if you are in desperate need of using ProctorU, make sure to create a new user profile and add the extension so that it can’t harm you.

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