How to enable sensitive content on Telegram?

Enable Sensitive Content On Telegram
Enable Sensitive Content On Telegram

By default telegram filters sensitive content to protect its users. This is the reason why you may not be able to visit many telegram channels that contain adult or copyrighted content. 

The most embarrassing thing is you will not find the option to disable filtering on the telegram mobile app. 

You can enable sensitive content on telegram using the web version or the computer application of telegram. 

Note: You should disable filtering at your own risk. Because telegram channels have every kind of content including pirated software to pornography.  That’s why telegram uses filters to protect its users. 

How to enable Sensitive content on Telegram

Even though the mobile app doesn’t have the feature to disable filtering,  we will be using the mobile browser to do so because not every telegram user has a computer at home. 

Open A Browser 

Whether you are using Android or IOS, there are some pre-installed browsers on your device. As well as you may have installed additional browsers on your device. To demonstrate this method, I will be using Google Chrome on Android. You can use any browser you have. 

Visit Telegram Web 

You may not know that telegram has a web version where you can use Telegram from a browser without installing the app on their device. 

Telegram web works on both mobiles and computers. It’s just like the app but on a browser. 

To access Telegram web, enter in the address bar of your browser and press Enter. 

Login to your telegram account

To start using Telegram Web, you have to login to your telegram account. There are two ways of logging in to a telegram account on the web.

Login using QR code


This is so far the easiest way to login to a telegram account on a computer. To do so, open Telegram on your smartphone where you are already logged in. Click on the menu icon and go to Settings.

Scroll down and click on Devices. This page allows you to link Desktop Devices on your account. 

Click on Link Desktop Device And it will open a camera screen on your computer. Now go back to the computer screen where you have opened and scan the QR code.

Within a few seconds you will be logged in to the Telegram web. 

Login using phone number

As most of the users use Telegram on their smartphone, this is the most user friendly way of accessing telegram web.

If you visit it will offer signing in by phone number by default. Select your country and enter your phone number.

Then click on Next and it will send a 5 digit code to your phone number or the telegram app where you are logged in already.

Enter the code and you will be taken to the Telegram Web interface.

Go to Settings


To disable filtering on Telegram, you have to go to the Settings. To go there, click on the menu icon and then click on Settings on your browser. It will take you to the Settings page where there are multiple options. 

Disable Filtering


In the Settings page, click on Privacy and Security. This page contains all the settings to ensure your privacy and security.

Scroll down to the bottom of the page and select Disable filtering. You don’t need to Save the settings as they are automatically saved.

Now you can view sensitive media in public channels on all of your devices.

Should you enable sensitive content on Telegram?

This solely depends on you. Because once you disable filtering, you may find some disturbing media on public channels which may not be safe for your work or the people around you.

If you disable filtering, you should be careful of what you see and when you see them on telegram.

Because telegram is not only a messaging tool, it’s beyond that. There are hundreds of unnecessary public channels people can add you to. 

If you are an adult who understands the circumstances of sensitive content, then feel free to disable filtering to access any kind of content. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Why can’t I find Disable filtering on the telegram mobile app?

It’s such an important feature yet telegram decided to not show it in the mobile app to make it harder for people to disable filtering. Because telegram is used by many minors too, that’s why they are making it a little bit difficult to disable filtering.

Can I login to Telegram Web on a mobile phone using QR code?

Yes, It’s possible to login to Telegram Web using a QR code on a smartphone. How? Simply you need to have two smartphones. One phone for showing QR code and another one for scanning the code.

Can I view every kind of content if I disable filtering?

Absolutely. Filtering hides sensitive content from public channels. Disabling filtering will show everything on the channel.

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