How to enable short code SMS on iPhone?

Enable short code SMS on iPhone 1
Enable short code SMS on iPhone 1

Short Code SMS is used by big companies to send promotional SMS or authentication codes. Short Code numbers are just 5-6 digit numbers only used for sending important SMS. Most of the time, they are just numbers.

Unlike receiving other SMS, you may have trouble receiving Short Code SMS if you are an iPhone user. Most of the time, it has nothing to do with your device. It’s an issue on your carrier end.

Over the years, many people found various solutions that work for them. I am summing them up in this article.

Enable short code SMS on iPhone

Enable short code SMS on iPhone
Enable short code SMS on iPhone

Contact your carrier

This is the most common issue for those who bought a new sim card or upgraded their device. In that case, the carrier blocks Short Code SMS for your number. No matter how you try, you can’t solve the problem without their help.

You can contact your SIM carrier via call or live chat from their website/app. After contacting them, if the issue is on their end, they will immediately solve the issue. Then you just have to restart your device. That’s it.

If you find it hard to contact your carrier virtually, you can visit their showroom physically and the problem will be solved in a minute.

Enable Location for SMS

If you are preventing location access to the messaging app, your Short Code SMS may not be delivered to you at all. So, you have to grant location access to the messaging app while you use the app.

Here’s how:

  • Go to Settings on your iPhone.
  • Click on Privacy.
  • Go to Location Services (Enable).
  • Click on Messages.
  • Select While Using the App.

Turn on and off airplane mode

This is one of the common solutions to many problems. All you have to do is turn on airplane mode on your device. Wait a few seconds. Then turn off the airplane mode. Now send the SMS again to your number and check what happens. 

Still facing issues?

Most of the time, contacting your SIM carrier solves the issue. If the issue is still there after trying all the methods, reset your device and check whether it solves the problem or not. 

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