How To Enable Touch Screen On Chromebook?

Enable touch screen on Chromebook 1
Enable touch screen on Chromebook 1

Some Chromebook laptops have a touchscreen display. It’s possible to use them in tablet mode because of the touch screen. But touch screen may not be enabled by default on your Chromebook.

Because you need to enable debugging keyboard shortcuts from Chrome settings. But remember, you must have Chrome OS 48 or the later version in order to enable touchscreen. Then press Ctrl+Search+T to enable the touch screen.

How to check the Chrome OS version?

You can easily check the version of your chrome os by opening Chrome. After opening Chrome, navigate to Menu > Help > About Google Chrome.

How to enable touch screen on Chromebook?

Our first step is to enable debugging keyboard shortcuts. To do so, first of all, open Chrome on your chrome book.

In the address bar, type chrome://flags.

Chrome Flags

There are various options and a search bar. In the search bar, type Debugging keyboard shortcuts

By default, it’s disabled. Click on the drop-down menu and select Enabled. But the change will not be applied until you restart your laptop.

Debugging keyboard shortcuts

Click on Restart from the bottom of the page.

After restarting your device, press Ctrl + Search + T to enable the touch screen on your Chromebook. If you want to enable the touchpad, press Ctrl + Search + P at the same time.

How to disable the touch screen on Chromebook?

Disabling the touch screen on Chromebook is the exact same as enabling it. Just press Ctrl + Search + T to disable touch screen or Ctrl + Search + P To disable touch screen on your Chromebook.’

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